I cared once. Fucked me up.
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Also, because something happened today that made me actually laugh out loud, you’re stooping a lot lower than I thought you ever would. You’re welcome though for all the things I ever did for you. All the time I spent on you and your family. You’re welcome for everything.

One day you will realise however that your paranoia and your decisions and assumptions have a large impact on a lot of others, also.

I know it’s not hard for you to explain what happened to them because to you, it’s no big deal. Just another person who did you over, you’re just a victim of the world. But just realise that you took one of the biggest constants out of other people’s lives, not just your own and the consequences are yours to deal with.

Going through my iPad after a good 6+ months and found some songs I started to write for someone I love unconditionally in my life.
Not sure if I have to go and change all the words from “girl” to something less gender specific and the girly adjectives into something again, less gender specific…

Confused, but my love and words are still the same for you.



if you were a flower
you’d be a damnnnndelion


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Everything you love is here


me trying to be romantic


look if you unironically say ‘money can’t buy happiness’ then either you’ve never faced a real financial struggle or you’ve achieved enlightenment, because goddamn does financial security feel an awful lot like happiness when it’s something you’re not used to

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Some do drugs, others go out for a run, but at the end we’re all just searching for that tiny space, perhaps a hole, that gives us shelter from the terrible reality of the world.
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